Office Makeover – 99% complete!

Office Makeover – 99% complete!

So, please don’t judge because I am obviously not an awesome photographer but I wanted to share the progress on my office.  I’m very happy with how it turned out and it is already functioning so much better for me!  I say 99% complete because, as designers, we are always tweaking and improving upon things in our homes…we can’t help it!

Anyway, here’s where we left off…I moved my desk to under the window which made me hugely more productive and I added a second desk as a credenza on the other wall.  Here’s an “in progress” shot:

Love, love, love my desk under the window!

After working at my new desk for a couple of months, I realized I needed a lamp at night…so the search began!  I knew I didn’t want a task lamp or something that looked too functional.  I think that lamps are kind of like sculptures so it was important to find one that I really loved and…voila!  I fell in love with this lamp!

West Elm – Turned Table Lamp
I was so excited when I got it that I opened it that night and took a quick picture! Love it!

Meanwhile, my family had been working diligently to finish my pink chairs for my birthday!  You can read more about the transformation in my previous blog post.  I couldn’t wait to see how they would look in my office!

The chair, desk and lamp are a great combo!

Note: it is usually suggested to add pops of color in odd numbers…therefore, it worked out that I only ended up with 3 pink and 1 silver chair.  The silver chair stays in the living room while the 3 pink chairs “balance” each other in the office.

The chairs in “action”!
A bit messy but very functional.
Another messy shot of the office…

So, the last step (for now) was to get the credenza a bit more organized.  And when I say organized, I really mean I need more bins to hide my stuff! I went to Target and found these cute black & white chevron bins that hold a lot…and we know how much I love chevron!

The end…for now!

Overall, I love that my office is crisp, functional and can easily transform back into a dining space.  All I do is add tablecloths over the credenza and desk and I instantly have 2 buffets!  And, most importantly, my office allows me to think creatively while designing for my clients.  What more could I ask for?  Hope you enjoyed the blogs, thank you for riding along on my journey!

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