The New Rules for Navy

The New Rules for Navy

If you’ve picked up a fashion magazine or been to the mall lately, you’ve seen that navy has taken over the retail sector, both in fashion and in home furnishings.  I love navy and I’m excited to see it’s resurgence this spring/summer.  However, one “navy” doesn’t necessarily fit all.  Here are my ideas for incorporating a dark blue hue into your home so that it really “speaks” to you!



photo 1

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

Happy Decorating!

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4 thoughts on “The New Rules for Navy

  1. Again Lyn, it was so great to see you & work on your bedroom Sunday! Also thank you for your super sweet comments on Facebook!! I’m very excited about what we selected & can’t wait to hear your thoughts as our ideas get implemented! I hope you enjoyed the rest of the weekend, too!

  2. No problem – I saw that you moved! I don’t know if I’ll do it or not, it would definitely be the bed wall. I have just never been a big fan, but I also never thought of it being opposite the door – that makes sense and I might like that in there!
    Hoping to see you on the 27th at West Elm – thanks for the invite! Would love to see pics of your new place!

  3. Hi Lyn! Sorry for the delayed response. I moved a week ago and I’m just now getting caught up! So, I like feature walls if they are opposite the doorway ( so the first thing you see when entering the room) and they feature a design element other than paint. For example, the bed/headboard or fireplace should be on the feature wall.

    If you do go with a deep color
    Ike navy on one wall, sometimes it’s best to paint the other walls a neutral mid-tone unless you want the drama of the contrast.

    Hope this helps you decide!

  4. Kim, what is your take on painting a feature wall, especially in a bedroom..? If I were to use navy in a bedroom, I might do it that way. But I don’t know how I feel about a feature wall….

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